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Raw Edge Cogged Belts " DARWIN "


"Darwin" Raw Edge Cogged Belts have higher capacity and efficiency, and they use smaller sheaves than traditional envelope (wrapped) belts. These belts have a higher coefficient of friction and are more aggressive, which makes them a very efficient belt for power transmission.

Unlike conventional V - belts, raw-edge cogged belts have no cover. Thus, the cross-sectional area normally occupied by the cover is used for more load carrying cord. Cogs on the inner surface of the belt increase air flow to enhance cooler running. They also increase flexibility, allowing the belt to operate with smaller sheaves. Darwin Raw Edge Cogged Belts are a result of state of the art process techniques and use of superior materials.

Special Features 

Over 300% Longer Service Life: The use of superior polymer compounds with special anti-degradants and specially treated reinforcing cords result in increased life of the belt when compared with conventional belts.

Fewer Retentions: The reinforcing Polyester cord is specially treated and stabilized which increases the modulus and greatly reduces stretch in service. This means fewer retentions and lower maintenance.

Greater Safety: The use of specially treated reinforcing fibres with special chemicals in the base ensures optimum performance even in harsh conditions.

Higher Efficiency: The moulded cog design ensures that hysteresis losses are reduced which translates to higher overall efficiency of the drive.